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The Continuous Quest for Ultimate Luxury & Consequence

Ovadias Tours - a family business since 1959 located in Athens, Greece offers you quality & personalized services, rely on experience, conscientious service and dedicated professionalism. Nothing is more important to us than client’s service. In every aspect of our dealings with our clientele, we aim to go beyond their expectation. This commitment to quality, backed with years of perseverance and hard work, enables us to maintain and always appraise the standards set by us.

What’s more, today’s clients are exceedingly demanding, and nothing less than the best will do for them. We at “Ovadias Tours” respond with impeccable luxury service and attention to detail.

We organise a wide variety of services for individuals as well as groups:

  • Incentives
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Meetings & Seminars
  • Congresses
  • Pharmaceutical Conventions
  • Religious/Historical Groups
  • Group custom made tours & cruise programs
  • Deluxe VIP programs
  • VIP private red carpet services
  • Luxury car rental
  • Limousine drivers
  • Personal Executive Secretary escorts
  • Security Escorts
  • Bodyguard service
  • Yacht hiring
  • Helicopter and Lear jet rental
  • City guide service
  • Exclusive assistance
  • Unforgettable Tours
  • Reservations at luxurious Hotels
  • Leisure packages
  • Cultural packages
  • Honeymoon & Wedding Packages
  • Innovated Packages
  • Gastronomy, Gourmet, Wine Tours & Packages


Today, Company Directors and Executives travel frequently and with ever increasing regularity. Our number one rule is that we never wait for demands overtake us.

Our experienced and specialist staffs in combination with our computers enable us to be continuously ahead of ourselves.

We are always ready to deal with your smaller wish, guaranteeing you the best possible result at the most reasonable price, at any moment, even to the remotest destinations of Greece. We can book you a hotel room at the point other companies find it impossible, organize car hire anywhere in Greece, or provide you from theatre tickets to cruises. And all of this (and a lot more) with service designed to cover your every possible demand, from the simplest to V.I.P. treatment.

"Ovadias Tours is governed by one criterion only: to be at your service when and where you need it"


Ovadias Tours could not be absent from services for individuals.

Whether you’re travelling for leisure or business, our specialized staff is ready to satisfy you, the client whether you are travelling individually or not.

We can plan a trip for you or propose one of the many available package deals, which are accompanied with a series of tried and tested services.

Our company adheres to the principle that quality must run through all the stages of a project.

Quality is supported and guaranteed by:

  • A strong management team
  • The preparation and strict adherence to detailed activity time schedules for the project
  • The functional allocation of human and technical resources
  • The commitment to provide solutions to its customers within 24 hours from relevant requests
  • The focusing on feedback received from its clients
Whatever the category of services, “Ovadias Tours” never deviates from its devotion to:
  • Rigorous selection of suppliers based on strict quality and reliability criteria
  • Provision for even the tiniest detail in any service provided to its customers
  • Personalization of services and establishment of loyal relationships with the customers

Amenities & Benefits you can receive through Ovadias Tours include:

  • Bemefits When booking with us: So much more than just a travel agent, we can get you access to accommodations, locations, and amenities simply not available elsewhere. We are following you up during your trip to ensure that everything will be OK and smooth during your trip.
  • Exclusive Hotel Experiences: Access to the world’s top hotels and resorts. If available, we will upgrade you and offer early check-in and late checkout whenever there is a vacancy.
  • We will be at your disposal 24 hours a day for anything that might occur.
  • One-of-a-Kind Local Packages: Local experts in Greece will design exclusive packages just for you. These cultural experts get you access to sites, venues, and activities that often aren’t available to the most of people.
  • Cruises: The industry’s top luxury cruise program features elegant shore events and amenities to elevate your cruise experience.

Ovadias Tours Health and HYGIENE protocols – COVID-19

Your D.M.C. in Greece

During the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, Greece has timely taken all necessary measures that effectively slowed down its spread in the country.

At "Ovadias Tours", our commitment to ensuring the wellbeing of our valued clients is of utmost priority therefore our taken protocols cover all aspects to ensure the health and the safety of our guests as follows:

  • Our staff is fully informed about the Covid-19 pandemic
  • At the moment as required every tour bus carries 50 percent of its maximum passenger capacity
  • We maintain hygiene measures and hand washing techniques; properly use personal protective equipment and antiseptics
  • The use of fabric face masks is mandatory throughout the journey
  • The continuous natural ventilation of buses is applied
  • The meticulous disinfection of all areas is operated after each transport or after the end of the shift, as well as the cleaning of surfaces and frequently touched surfaces (for example handrails) with an anticeptic solution after each route
  • The hotels we work with follow all hygiene protocols

Enjoy a safe trip discovering Greece with Ovadias Tours"

  • Cruises
  • Athens for V.I.P.’s
  • Jet set private services and packages
  • Wine tasting
  • Horseback riding
  • Golf
  • Bouzouki delight
  • Thalassotherapy
  • Honeymooners
  • Religious groups
  • F.I.T., groups, custom made tour & cruise programs
  • Gala Dinners, meals at the Sea Side, Dinners at High society clubs, restaurants, taverns

As a tour operator we provide state-of-the-art services covering all aspects of tourism. We offer the unbeatable combination of International experience, technical support combined with personalized service, committed to delivering quality.

Contact us for our special net F.I.T and GROUP rates!!!

The tourism we deal with is top of range. We firmly believe we are amongst the best as far as punctuality and the quality of service are concerned. Our prices are reasonable, carefully studied by us and bound to meet the full satisfaction of your clients.
Our aim is not only to attract clients but rather to have them come again willingly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information and/or request you might require.
I remain, with personal regards,
Nicholas Ovadias President & C.E.O.

Ovadias Tours
53 Ermou Street
Athens GR 105 63
TEL + 30 210 32 47 000
FAX + 30 210 32 47 077
WEB: www.ovadiastours.com
E-MAI : nicholas@ovadiastours.com
Permit number of office operation: MHTE 0206E60000485000